Saturday, May 29, 2010


May 25 was the launch of VMan's 'Scandinavian Summer' issue which celebrates Scandinavian culture. There was a soiree held at the exclusive basement venue Good Units.  The event was a  fashion show/ party that I helped produce. It was so amazing to work with the Copenhagen Fashion Week team who also co-sponsored the event.  Click here for images.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Deitch Nostalgia 2 and 3

Spectacular Stephen Sprouse show back in Jan of 2009. Loved this retrospective of his work and finally got the Rizzoli catalogue  edited by the Padilha Brothers spanning his entire career. There will never be another like him. This show reminds me of the cult 80s film 'Slaves of New York'.

Another great show was the Dash Snow Memorial during the summer of 2009. Snow a downtown legend in the making, met a tragic end cutting his life short. Yet his body of work from photographs, collages and grafitti pieces were totally stimulating and still captured the gritty NYC we sorely miss.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Deitch Nostalgia

Love Kehinde Wiley and loved this show back in the Fall of 2009. I find his romanticization of young African American men so poetic and regal. Click here to visit Kehinde's site.

Leisurely Art Filled Saturday Afternoon

So this is my very first post which is quite thrilling. I'd like to share a few shows that I checked out today. One show is at the Laurence Miller Gallery and has this amazing Philippe Halsman photo exhibit. Animated photographs showcasing Marilyn Monroe, Dali and others jumping with glee.  Next, I stopped by Howard Greenberg and saw 2 great shows- David Goldblatt and very early Henri Cartier Bresson prints.  I first became familiar with David Goldblatt in Madrid last year and saw his work once more at the New Museum last fall. Finally on to Deitch Projects for their very last opening featuring Shepard Fairey's work. The exhibit is titled "May Day" and showcases portraits of superstars such as Basquiat and Blondie. I started to think to myself how this would be an end of an era in Soho which is a little sad. Click here for more info and feel free to read my next posts where I'll take the nostalgic route of previous Deitch shows over the years.