Friday, March 18, 2011

bill cunningham, a true new york legend

I recently saw 'Bill Cunningham New York' and it was a delightful portrait of the famed workaholic photographer who shoots for The New York Times.  Back at my time at NYT I can recall seeing Bill on the move, shooting furiously, yet always with a twinkle in his eye. Shooting since the late 50s Bill has  singlehandedly  documented  New York's street style evolution through the last six decades. It was also fascinating to get insight into his personal life, where he seems content in being the self sufficient loner. Check out the trailer here and you can see the film at Film Forum till March 29.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Madonna in 1982 before she made it big

I always love getting glimpses into Madonna's pre famous life when she was still accessible, broke, and hungry. Aside from seeing her in her 'oh so cool' thrifted outfits you also get to see traces of a New York City that no longer exists. A kittenish 24 year old Madonna is featured on the April 2011 cover of OUT magazine ( shot by Richard Corman) click here for entire slideshow

kate moss reignites addiction to the House of Dior

The new 'Dior Addict' lipstick commercial featuring Kate Moss and with music by Duran Duran has recently surfaced. Wondering if that was a tactical move by Dior to restore faith in the brand by using Moss' eminent star power? Nonetheless this fashion icon is ever reigning with her flawless style and demure looks. I'm sure fans will once again be hooked on this French power brand.

Ernest Rosenberg, one of the last real Soho artists

So delighted that I came across this pic on Lee Oliveira's blog.  Ernest is one of my dear friends who I've known for about a decade, a truly talented prolific artist with a wide range of styles. Besides street art, he also delves into portraiture, abstract, and figurative pieces. Ernest also possesses great style which he manages to finagle on a shoestring budget. Ernest will always be dear to my heart :)

Lee Oliveira

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fashion on Film: 'What A Way To Go'

I really want to showcase a tribute to the great Edith Head, costume designer to the stars during the Hollywood's Golden Era, but this clip from the 1964 Shirley Maclaine film will suffice. It will give you just enough to grasp her sartorial magnitude. I watched this delightful film over and over again throughout my teens and it affirmed my love for fashion then. It will always be a special film for me.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a peek into the Aldridge mother/daughter obsession with style

I'm huge a fan of both blogs Atlantis Home and Sea of Shoes and found a video of their style closets on Stylelikeu. So I wanted to share this video with all of you. Both Aldridge women have a profound love for all things beautiful - clothing both designer and vintage, accessories, home design, travel, photography and art. I enjoy reading both blogs and checking out what new fashion adventures  they are constantly embarking on.

Judy & Jane Aldridge for from StyleLikeU on Vimeo.

Fashion on Film: Party Girl

I ADORE this film, so New York, so relevant and represented my existence for  too long. This special little film is like the 'Desperately Seeking Susan' of the 90s. It showed a New York that has diminished slightly since the 80s but how has now gone through a complete facelift in the 2010s. Nonetheless, the fashions in the movie speak volumes - pleather skirts, faux leopard coats, leather gloves and dainty vintage handbags. Parker is lovable as the unaffected, urban, downtown clubgirl who just wants to weave through life with no responsibility. Until finally she does realize her calling and rises to the occasion.